Our Strategy

Enterprise Level

TWG performs is a multi-brand cooperative comprised of independent brands that are integrated to provide our clients holistic, seamleass and robust solutions. We are a cooperative because we develop our brands to be cooperative more than competitive with each other. We blend the strengths of a multi-brand strategy such as economies of scale and end-to-end solutions with the strengths of brand's identity and core competencies. We leverage a brand's core competencies when delivering our value propositions/offerings.

TWG in an internal facing entity that is responsible for the strategy formulation and exection, brand development and management, project management, and operations. TWG employs a master brand strategy that unites all our brands and serves as a singular point for ommunication with our markets. Our master brand, IM Possible Mall serves as our external facing entity.

Brand Level

Individual brands are established and developed using our Entrepreneurial Process Development™ method and are structured to be strategically positioned for integration with other brands. Each brand is developed to be an independent revenue generator as well as being easily integrated into our enterprise strategy.


We use co-marketing/co-branding strategies to maximize our marketing investments and to increase brand awareness.


We develop our brands organically as the means to maintain low debt and a strong financial position.