The convergence of emerging synergistic brands

Impact Investing

Our aim is to be a socially responsible investment firm whereby our established principles drive the purpose of all of our companies and brands. We achieved this aim by integrating a 5-point approach within our collective strategic direction. These 5-points focus on Environmental, Education, Experiential, Social, and Governance (E3SG). Our companies and brands must meet the principles and key performance indicators established by E3SG


Our financial objective is to make a profit so our ideas are evaluated to assess its marketability over a specified period of time. The idea has to meet a set of metrics to determine the feasiblity of being a brand or a business.


Once an idea is transformed into a business or brand, it is aligned with a social or environmental cause or the business/brand team is responsible for creating a purpose to fulfill.


Our companies and brands are established on principles of quality, fairness, and a valued customer experience.

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