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The Wright Group, LLC (TWG) Private Capital Firm has a long history and appreciation for entrepreneurship, developing businesses, elevating education with a focus on elevating human potential and organizational performance.

In 2015, TWG made a strategic decision to develop a multi-brand cooperative. TWG restructured its portfolio of businesses and brands to better align them to leverage the competencies of each brand; optimize the integration between brands; improve economies of scale, and to develop end-to-end strategies. Our tagline represents our new vision.

We refined our mission and used it as the foundation for the mission for each our brands. Our aim is to be a socially responsible investment firm whereby our established principles drive the purpose of all of our companies and brands. We achieved this aim by integrating a 5-point approach within our collective strategic direction. These 5-points focus on Environmental, Education, Experiential, Social, and Governance (E3SG). We monitor the success of our companies and brands by key performance indicators (KPIs) adopted by international organizations.

We are proud to currently have brands that specialized in these areas to lead other TWG companies, our clients and partners with improving their performance in these areas. Here are KPIs Topical areas that we measure our companies performance:

  • Environmental, Education, Social Alignment
  • Eco-friendly Real Estate (Red Brick Project)
  • Employee Turnover (ANEW Professional)
  • Employee Professional Development (Multiple companies)
  • Maturity of Workforce (ANEW Professional)
  • Absenteeism Rate (ANEW Professional)
  • Risks Management (StrategicIsite)
  • Revenue from Eco-Friendly Product Development (Sketched on a Napkin)
TWG currently has a portfolio of over 30 companies and brands with plans to continue to grow. Our companies have served thousands of clients and customers.

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Profit, Purpose, Principle


Profit, Purpose, Principle


Profit, Purpose, Principle


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