The convergence of emerging synergistic brands

Our Strategy

TWG is comprised of independent companies and brands and employs a master brand strategy that unites all our companies and brands. This allows TWG is our internal facing entity that is responsible for the collective management of all TWG companies, brand development, and operations. This approach allows TWG to blend the strengths of a multi-brand strategy such as economies of scale and end-to-end solutions while allowing each company to maintain it brand identity.

Our master brand is I M Mall and serves as our external facing entity and serves as a unifying brand for all our target markets.

TWG companies partner to deliver clients holistic, seamless, robust solutions by leveragin each company's core competencies. These integrated solutions are led by a skilled strategic management program consultant.

TWG Investment Strategy

Profit, Purpose, Principle


Profit, Purpose, Principle


Profit, Purpose, Principle


Independent Brands
New Launches