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MD Healthcare Management Solutions (MDHCMS)

MDHCMS was incorporated on July 20, 2018. MDHCMS will be providing business and data consulting services to healthcare providers.

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StrategicIsite, Heuristic Learning, eblackwidow will partner to deliver strategy, project management, training, and software development to The Greater Essex Counseling Services in Newark, NJ.

Sketched on a Napkin (SON)

SON is currently running its Entrepreneurship Development Program.

SON submitted a $240k proposal to the Dept. of Commerce to deliver its Entrepreneurship Development Program to Formerly Incarcerated individuals.

Heuristic Learning (HL)

HL is currently running its Project Management Professional (PMP) Boot Camp Exam Preparation course.

eblackwidow (EBW)

EBW is providing IT services to James H. Wolfe Law Firm in Orange NJ.

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On the Verge (OTV)

On the Verge digital magazine is scheduled to relaunched in August 2018.

TWG Investment Strategy

Profit, Purpose, Principle


Profit, Purpose, Principle


Profit, Purpose, Principle


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